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All Things New, LLC. delivers quality commercial cleaning services to our clients with expert care and precision.  We carefully analyze each client individually to determine specific needs and tailor our services to match them.  Our clients have 24/7 access to our specialists.  No task is too big or too small.  We pride ourselves on exemplary customer care, employee satisfaction, and safety.  


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All Things New, LLC.'s owner has fifteen years experience providing professional janitorial services to high profile commercial clients, with areas totaling over 3 million square feet, throughout the tri-state area.  She has owned multiple cleaning companies and provides consulting services to  local business owners and aspiring professionals.  


All Things New, LLC. understands that times are ever-changing.  In response to this reality, our decision-makers start each day with target goals designed for flexibility and productivity.  We are constantly reinventing ourselves and improving specifications to deliver tailored services with increasing value to our clients, society, and the environment.    


All Things New combines comprehensive management tactics and training, at the highest level of industry standards to prepare its workforce for success.  Our employees are rigorously vetted with attention to indicators of quality for each area of service.   The owner  personally selects all front-line team members, supervisors, office staff, and members of management to ensure everyone is capable of delivering service with excellence in every area.   


All Things New, LLC. promises its clients competitive pricing based on the value of our services and current year pricing trends.  We maintain and utilize records of various metrics for accurate pricing from start to finish and everything in between.   We can meet the financial needs of every customer, while ensuring the profitability it takes for any company to render quality service. 

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Fostering peace of mind by regenerating your atmospheres.  

We specialize in atmosphere rejuvenation that supports health, peace, and prosperity.